Welcome to Ultimate House Inspection Guide Blog!

Yes, you noticed!

This is a new blog. However, it is not a new subject and we are certainly not new to the subject!

In fact, we actually have a book that will help YOU go through the process of doing a professional job at inspecting your own house, instead of paying hundreds of dollars to hire a house inspector. Granted, we need to suggest that you still hire an inspector, if there is a need that requires it (i.e. buying and selling your house), but this will help you cover those important details and save you some money.

Three things, to get started, ok?

  1. First, the book will not be available … yet. It is written, but we are going through the tedious process of editing and ensuring that it is perfect, before offering it to you, our readers, at the launch price. So, please be patient with us. And, I mean like months, maybe a year or two. In the meantime, we will keep you occupied with interesting topics on this blog, beyond just house inspections, but home related. Make sense?
  2. Second, the blog content is just that… blog content. I think we covered this one already, but it is content that is related to owning (or even renting) a home. And, we will even keep you apartment dwellers in mind, too. You should be able to expect content that relates to general home maintenance, improvement, ideas, etc.
  3. Why should you listen to us? The book is written by a Certified and Licensed House Inspector! That is what I mean… We know our stuff! Out of full disclosure, you should know that much of the general content is written by Deborah (as in certified writer, me), but the book that we are finishing up for you is written by the bona fide House Inspector, who definitely knows this stuff!
  4. With all of that said, we definitely welcome you and look forward to serving you with this blog content.

    Our first topic (starting, most likely, next week) will actually be covered birdhouses. I know, they are small houses, but they serve our feathered friends and while they do not come under “Certified House Inspection,” it is an interesting topic and one that all of us, even those of us with a small back balcony, may be able to use.

    See you then!


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