It is true, no matter how excellent the initial roof quality and no matter what the guarantee is, or even how pretty it may look, eventually a building is going to need a new roof, or at least, some roofing repairs and updates. The axiom applies to all home maintenance and roofs are no exception [...]

This blog is about house inspection but in the process, it is fun to take a break and consider something creative but related in the broader scheme of things (to houses and house inspection, sort of), isn’t it? This will give you a break from thinking about YOUR house in a sense that may make [...]

A birdhouse is something that can create a shelter for the bird. It is a home. The Birdhouse as a Shelter As a shelter, this birdhouse also provides a safe place for the bird to create her nest and prepare for her young. By having a shelter for her nest, she can rest her wings [...]

Yes, you noticed! This is a new blog. However, it is not a new subject and we are certainly not new to the subject! In fact, we actually have a book that will help YOU go through the process of doing a professional job at inspecting your own house, instead of paying hundreds of dollars [...]